But what exactly is an Escape Game?

Escape Games/ Rooms are THE fun for friends, colleagues, families, first dates or Team events. You have one hour to "puzzle" your team out of a scenario of your choice. 

You should be physically fit and sober, as well as be able to stay temporary in dark or narrower rooms. Build your team with 2 up to 6 people. You get an introduction into the game on the spot - and then the game will start! 

When the door falls into the lock behind you, the clock is ticking. Your Gamemaster accompanies you the 60 minutes via video surveillance and will surely guide you through your adventure.

One hour in which you seek, find, try, puzzle, combine, interfere, and interact - adrenaline rush pre-programmed!

ESCAPEDIEM - the best fun event for teams of two up to six players.

A unique and fun event for families, friends, corporate entertainment and networking events!

Our Rooms



The Secret Chapel


The office of the port


Das Geheimnis um Nostradamus